Meet my minis

So, as this blog is inspired by motherhood and my baby birds. I would really like to talk a little bit about them. As my life (and now this blog) revolves around them, they really are at the center of everything I do. Or think of. Naturally, as I’m sure that is the way it is for all mothers. Madison is my first. First born, first baby, first daughter…and my gosh..where do i begin with her. She just turned 3. She’s my ‘threenager’ (as they say) and if you have a three year old, you understand why. She’s the kid people refer to when they say “she dances to the beat of her own drummer.” She’s “spirited” to say the least. Miss independent now and even as a babe. I could go on and on about the whirl wind and roller coaster ride it is being Madison’s mom, but I’ll save those adventure for another day another post. But she’s an incredible big sister. She’s hilarious, loving, affectionate, adventurous and creative.

end of july 2017 139.JPG

My littlest little is my Mila. Just shy of turning one and I can literally cry my eyes out just talking about it. I can’t seem to understand how my little newborn is almost a walking babe –  but isn’t that how it usually is. I also can’t believe I am a mother of a three year old.

Mila is just the sweetest, cuddliest, most huggable and squeezable baby bird. The more hugs you give her, the happier she is! YAY! Winning! And with that, she hates being put down. I can barely wash my face in the morning without a melt down! The opposite of my miss independent, Mila craves attention and affection. I’m loving it now, I’m just hoping that won’t bite me in the end. (lol)


This sweet pea is a non crawler (ugh) and a not yet walker. So its a lot of butt scooting, and doggy paddling. Again, opposite from Madison. She was a crawler to walker.

And I’m comparing again! I try not too, afterall, they are their own people with different personalities, strengths, weaknesses. (but it happens). Regardless, I’m lucky, thankful, blessed, stressed, tired, proud, tired, happy and tired.

These are my girls, you’ll be reading about them a lot. LOL.

with Love,

Michelle and the minis

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