From mom to mom blogger

You probably can’t tell from looking at my Instagram, but I’m actually a private person. Talking about my babies and the love I have for them is easy, I can scream it loud and proud, on the roof tops at any time. Just don’t ask me to talk about myself. But being shy and blogging about your personal life, feelings, emotions and all doesn’t exactly go hand in hand.

A little bit of an introvert, I grew up a shy and quiet little girl right up until highschool. I really feel it was after highschool that I seemed to find my voice, a little more confidence and the ability to stand up for myself a lot more. I wasn’t bullied or anything like that – but a big people pleaser, always wanting to make everyone around me happy even at the cost of my own comfort. So the thought of opening up in such a public way is a little hard for me to grasp, but it just feels natural. Sort of like the next step for me.

Let me start by saying I am not claiming to be a baby expert, I do not have all the answers, and no I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything I think, say or feel. But this is my motherhood journey and I am excited to share it all with you. I feel like I represent ‘that’ mom. The mom who loves her babies so much it hurts. The stay at home mom who tries to do it all for her family while remaining, strong, composed and always smiling – always ready for whatever the day has to throw at her. The mom who may not always have the answer but will do whatever she can to see her kids smile, healthy and happy. I think were all just trying to figure it out one day at a time, so why not support each other in the process.

The last 3 years of my life has been all about being a mom – worrying about sleeping through the night, the color of their poop and how much breast milk I’m producing. I can talk shop (baby!) all day any day…I probably do in my sleep. (I should ask my husband!)

I have had all these mom experiences with lessons learned and questions answered, just figuring it all out by myself. I feel like all that has compiled in my head just waiting to be put to good use, so I’ve decided to share them. Maybe they might help others who have felt the same or been in the same position or maybe it will be just a fun read! Either way, I welcome you and your comments or stories of your own. This is just the beginning but I’m excited to see where this takes me. After Madison was born, (like every mom) I took wayyyyyyyy to many pictures of her. I was seriously obsessed with photographing her. I needed at least 11 pictures of her eating cereal, from every angle and different lighting options. But I had no interest in posting her photo’s. I was far too busy figuring out this solid food business and wondering why she was so constipated.

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It wasn’t until Mila where I decided to make the photo’s I took count. I knew time was of the essence and decided I would go with quality over quantity. So I just started posting, but how could I not, I had these two little loves always around. And before I knew it I was becoming one of ‘those’ moms. The insta-mom….oh yes, we are a thing, and believe me it is a lot of work. I just sorta fell into it and fell in love with it. You meet these amazing moms along the way who are just really proud to be a mom, they’re really proud of every stretch mark, baby hair, sleepless night, scars, stitches, messy hair….you know #momlife. It was so empowering…and refreshing. Once you become a mom it seems like the world looks at you like a half eaten filet mignon, once a prime piece of meat but now just used. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but while I’m loving every moment of mommy and me time and skin to skin and tummy time with my babe, all people can see is the messy hair, baggy clothes and the baby weight you’re still carrying. Now maybe this is just in my experience but yes, I do know some people who made me feel that way! Well not the mom/small shop community, you moms rock and the celebration of motherhood (the beautiful and the sometimes ugly) you guys have shown me gave me all the confidence to be able to tell my story. My journey. My motherhood, and for that I thank you!

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So, with that I am a proud instamom and now mom blogger. I only hope to inspire the way I have been inspired, help the way I have been helped and let moms out there who feel alone know they are not. To create a little corner for like minded mama’s and share our motherhood, not to mention give myself a much needed creative outlet. As an artsy fartsy creative soul, I was in much need of an outlet for all the thoughts and ideas rolling around in my head. I had been journal-ing all the rapid fire of emotions I was feeling once I got pregnant with Madison and have continued to do so so I would have somewhere to place my thoughts. You have so many of them once you find out your pregnant let alone becoming a mom. Brand repping and photography really did make up for the void of creativity I was having – not that painting, coloring books and mega blocks wasn’t fun but just not enough. Something was missing.

So with the changing of the season and my girls now 3 and 1, it was right. They fearlessly explore the unknown with such excitement and motivation, I’m taking notes from them, to forge ahead with such confidence. Madison – always so adamant to get on and off the potty or in and out of the bath tub by herself, she knows it’s a bit of a challenge but she can do it. And Mila, crawling did not come easy to her, she definitely tried to skip it all together and I thought she would have, but once she realized she needed us (or furniture) to help her walk around, she decided she didn’t want to rely on anything or anyone to get where she needed to go, just herself. So with all that determination she is now crawling. (and my back and arms thank her for that!) They inspire me so much, to be better and that I can do anything and everything even when it’s not easy, they remind me that everything will be ok in the end. Isn’t it funny, how were the “grown ups” meant to teach them and show them, and in turn we are the ones learning from them. Remembering to dream, that possibilities are endless and to have confidence in yourself, basically…remembering to be a kid again.

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With Love,

Michelle and the minis xo



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