What’s in their diaper bag

As of right now I still carry a big ol’ diaper bag everywhere I go! I feel like when ever I don’t have it I always end up needing an extra outfit for one of them or I’m in need of more wipes etc. So I’m the mom with the way-to-big bag, but I’m always prepared for everything!

Here are a few of my die hard, go-to, never-leave-the-house-without them – diaper bag items!

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The Honest Co. Honest soothing bottom wash – Its basically a bum wash in a bottle! And if you saw my girls’ diapers you would see why I bring it with me. They pee so much and have explosive poops! (…too much details?) Anyway, it keeps there bottom fresh when you can’t get to the tub!

The Honest Co. Organic Baby power OR Johnson and Johnson cornstarch baby powder –   Either way I like to bring baby powder with us. I don’t always use it but for those ultra sweaty days or anytime they may be in a situation where they get wet or damp, the baby powder will help dry any excess moisture and keep them dry. Just be sure not to use talcum. It has been linked to several health concerns/issues, so I always go with the organic or cornstarch -it does the trick!


Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Hand and Face wipes – self explanatory! They’re kids- their faces and hands always get dirty! Regular baby wipes tend to be to thick and too wet for cleaning simple milk mustache, so I love this all natural company. The wipes have no scent and come in a small travel size package for easy grab and go! They also have toy and paicifier wipes! Win win!


I always have at least two blankets with me, a cotton muslin swaddle and a warmer one. But with summer still around I usually carry about two Muslin swaddles and one warmer/thicker blanket. I love that the cotton swaddles serve multiple purposes (Covering the top of the strollers so they can get a little shut eye for instance, and an extra incase of any accidents) I also like having that extra to put down on any surfaces I don’t want them touching -like letting them sit down on the ground/grass. One is always clean while the other is allowed to get a little dirty. My favorite warm blanket is the Sherpa stroller blanket from pottery barn kids and I always bring our aden and anais Muslin cotton swaddles. Lulujo has great affordable bamboo cotton swaddles for a great price as does koala kids!




Mila is still teething, and some days she’s good while other days…she’s really feeling the pain and is chewing on anything she can get her hands on. I always pack Camilia by Boiron (a natural teething pain reliever) for when she is really crying over her teeth. They come in easy to use metered doses and I find they really help. I always have a teether or two for her to chew on from my favorite teething accessory shop Tiny Inspirations. They have a truly adorable selection. I have had the pleasure of getting to know the owner and creator Erica, who is a mama of two and gives a portion of every sale to the children’s wish foundation.

With fall rolling in I’m sure I’ll be adding some warmer blankets, sweaters and tuques to the mix! That will be in my next diaper bag post.
With Love,
Michelle and the minis xo

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