Decorating for Fall and Thanksgiving 

I have a deep rooted love for decorating and interior design. Don’t ask me about architecture or anything but I do love making things look good. (Or at least to me they do). I think it kind of started when we moved into our current house 3.5 years ago, and I was determined to make it a home as much as possible. I’m a SAHM and us having one income certainly forces you to use your imagination and creativity to create and make instead of buy. So that is what I do, if it is not an essential I buy cheap and DIY as much as I can. It is refreshing and does allow a lot of mommy and me time but it does also enforce us to live simply and spend money on the most important of things (with the odd splurge now and then- I’m only human and a women afterall). I am by no means an expert on home decor, I’ve just done a lot of reading and LOTS of redecorating and have picked up some tips and tricks along the way. I love decorating and thought maybe somebody may find inspiration in what inspires me!

There is no better season to decorate for (in my opinion) than fall. Beautiful, deep colors provides loads of inspiration and different options. I find myself constantly moving things around my house looking for new ways to display a pumpkin or sunflowers, it really is a beautiful time.

Our thanksgiving has come and gone but the colors and fall theme is still with us at home, I love how cozy it makes everything feel along with warm blankets and hot chocolate. So I’m going to share my thanksgiving dining style and decor that I love and aspire to create!

There isn’t much to it, and it required no extra money to be spent, just a few strategically placed vases, flowers, and table cloths. I am always very attracted to two very distinct styles, farmhouse and modern decor. Regardless of which style I choose, I always like to keep it minimal and use lots of white (I love decorating with white!) Using white creates a blank canvas and allows you the freedom to add key pieces to enhance the style direction you’re choosing. The holidays can already be quite costly, especially if you have a family big as big as ours with appetites as big as they have,  there is already plenty to keep us busy so I really try and keep decorations minimal and use as many items that I already have around the house. Anything I can make myself I do as well, a little DIY is good for the soul anyway.

To create the Farmhouse feel that I love, I used a white linen table cloth, its light weight and not too stuffy or fancy (and affordable) and keeps the feeling airy and natural. Dishes and vases were all white, I filled the vases with green succulents and used flowers for a pop of fall color.

Photo 2017-10-09, 12 07 37 PM

Succulents are amazing to use all year round of course, but don’t forget the amazing sunflowers that come this time of year and utilize them! Fill your vases and don’t limit them to just the dining area, its a lovely surprise in the bathrooms and your bedroom as well!

House hold items like mason jars and corks are things I always hang onto for decor ideas, they come in handy when you least expect it. I wash and keep all mason jars we get, even the ones that once had pasta sauce – wash them and reuse them! Using the mason jars as vases, filling them with corks, raffia, flower petals, leaves, pine cones or to hold up a pumpkin simply adds to the farm house vibe. You can keep them plain and empty or even paint them. (something fun and messy to do with the kids.)

If your kids are anything like mine, then you have done all kinds of turkey crafts, we always collect leaves and pine cones from outside for our thanksgiving and fall crafts, so use them – the leaves and the crafts! It’s what the season is all about, the beauty all around us outdoors and the fun of creating with the kids. Thanksgiving is all about family anyway so why not share what the littles made and use it on top of the table or the mantel!

Black or grey is also a great way to incorporate a bit of contrast even with farmhouse decor. It doesn’t have to be all white and earthy tones. I find the bold contrast of black simply enhances the stark white and makes it even that more clean looking.

Photo 2017-10-16, 12 37 11 PMPhoto 2017-10-16, 12 38 46 PMPhoto 2017-10-16, 12 39 22 PMPhoto 2017-10-16, 1 04 23 PMPhoto 2017-10-16, 12 56 33 PMPhoto 2017-10-16, 1 04 08 PM

I don’t know anyone who isn’t a pumpkin/white pumpkin freak! So use them, it’s one of the very best parts of this season. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, carving pumpkins and pumpkin decor – go nuts and have fun!


pumpkin images via pinterest

To Create a modern atmosphere and break from my traditional decor, I use bold colors (navy, burgundy, or gold) and incorporate prints.

You can add a printed table cloth and solid colored charger plates

Solid table cloth and printed napkins

Napkins and napkin rings

Bold colored flowers as a centerpiece

Printed or bold place mats

Fine China. My mother in law gave me a lovely set that we literally never use. I took it out for these photos and it added a little bit of a traditional look and I really liked it. Maybe we will have to use them next year?!

No matter the style I am aiming for I always try to keep it clean and minimal looking.

Photo 2017-10-16, 1 17 25 PM

Photo 2017-10-16, 1 17 42 PM

The pictures below were my Modern Thanksgiving mood board. (taken from pinterest) 🙂

Photo 2017-10-19, 10 42 11 PMPhoto 2017-10-19, 10 42 17 PMPhoto 2017-10-19, 10 42 59 PMPhoto 2017-10-19, 10 42 01 PM

What is your favorite decor style? Are there any DIY or decor tips you guys have for me?

Don’t hesitate to comment or email me.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading you guys!

With Love,

Michelle and the minis xo


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