Our favorite books for storytime

Story time is a big deal here at our house. Not only do we have one before bedtime to get the girls (and by girls I mean my 3.5 year old Madison – not my 1.5 year old Mila who has decided it is far more fun to stay up until midnight) settled but we also have at least one more throughout the day whenever the “little wildbirds” are out of control and in need of “quiet time”. It is my way of regaining my power and getting them settled – and belive me – it’s works! Madison is so attracted to the whimsy and magic of storytelling – using her imagination and becoming different characters….and Mila (1.5  years old) just likes flipping through the pages, i think it makes her feel in control and powerful! And that’s ok too.


There are two very different types of story telling  – sometimes I want to tell a lively and vibrant story. Something that leaves them feeling excited and happy, ready to use their imaginations at play. And then there’s bedtime or quiet time story telling, the relax-inducing kind that leaves them ready for a snooze (hopefully).  And the array of books I have listed and linked below allows you to do both. These are some of our faves – some I have been reading to Madison since she was in the womb and they are now apart of our regular story time today. While others are new and the girls have come to love them. So, if your looking for some new storybooks to share with your littles for story time, here’s some of ours!

Love you Forever – Robert Munsch 

I have yet to meet a mom or PERSON who doesn’t love this touching story about a mothers love. If you haven’t read this story yet – It’s a MUST! …oh and grab the tissues!

If you can, We can – Beth Shoshan 

This sweet tale of  ‘big’ and ‘little’ bunny friends is so heart warming. This is Madison’s most requested story, she asks for the “bunny book” every night before bed! I don’t know what it is that has her so gripped by the story but she just loves it! Maybe it’s the cute bunnies? This author has several different stories with this adorable ‘big’ and little concept which is just as special for us ‘bigs’ to read to our ‘littles’. (If Big can, I can & Where you go, I go.)  But I have been unable to find the hardcover books of those.

Fancy Nancy – Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser

Oh Nancy! I am truly in love with this little girl and her fancy words. She’s always over dressed and wearing pearls…what’s not to love! Fancy Nancy is a series of stories about an exuberant little girl who lives the “fancy” life, she’s always having  fun and using her imagination! Madison loves hearing of Nancy’s next adventure, whether she’s throwing a tea party, enjoying a snow day or building a sand “palace”. (“that’s a fancy word for castle” …as nancy would say!) She’s a must for all little girls!

OliviaIan Falconer 

Olivia is the tale of a sweet and helpful little pig who is just trying to do the right thing. Like nancy, she has a series of stories that follow her adventures whether she’s learning ballet or helping with Christmas. Her series also includes Olivia’s opposites, ABC’s and 123’s. If our littles can have fun and learn, I’d say it’s a win win!

Good Night, I Love you – Caroline Jayne Church

A perfect book for bedtime, this sweet story will help your little one get ready for bedtime as it follows a little girl and little boy from bathtime to bedtime and everything in between. Madison loves copying them and grabbing her teddy or bunny for bed just like they do in this book. The illustrations are just so sweet and adorable too. We love books by this author, we also have I am a Big Sister and You are my sunshine. Find other precious books from her here. 

Daddy Hugs – Karen Katz 

This story is one for the daddies, counting all the ways a daddy can hug. Very adorable and Madison asks for it often. This author has the sweetest collection of stories all centered around baby, we also have Mommy Hugs and Peek a baby.  And I love that she has stories that our littles can learn from such as No Hitting, No Biting and Excuse me: The book of manners! As well as Holiday themed stories. You can find them all here.

Miss Lina’s Ballerina’s – Grace Maccarone

This is the perfect book for the Prima Ballerina, or any little girl who loves a fun story with a great rhyme! It becomes addictive to read this adorably fun tale about Miss Lina’s Ballerina’s : Christina, Edwina, Sabrina, Justina, Katrina, Bettina, Marina, and Nina as they learn to dance with a new friend, Regina. Madison loves anything Ballerina (as do I) so we love reading this one.

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While we have several other books we turn to, these really are our favorites for storytime (for now). And at the end of the day whether you get through a whole book or not or whether your littles are following the story or just enjoy the pictures; the point of story time is all about enjoying some one on one time with my girls while I still have them home with me. So go ahead and try some of these, or any books – you’ll appreciate the time spent with them – or at least enjoy a little moment of quiet and sitting down. x

With Love,

Michelle and the minis xo

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