DIY Minnie Mouse theme Party

I’m not big on Vday and all of the crazy hype around it, but with two little ladies around; I’ll take any excuse to decorate with Pink, White and Red (I’m In!) And now that they are getting older and more aware of crafts, parties and decorating, it was a no-brainer for me to plan a little soiree for my mini’s featuring Minnie! (don’t pardon the pun)

While I planned this for our Galentines, you can do this for any birthday party or event of your choosing. Just a few simple steps and a little diy-ing and you have yourself a Minnie Mouse (or any theme) party for your littles in no time and with very little being spent. Just a little time and some creativity goes a long way.


I kept my set up pretty basic and simple. Cupcake toppers, a garland, dinnerware, straws and a goodie bag each. You can always add more decor if it’s for a bigger party unlike my little event for my girls. Confetti, number/shape/letter balloons, decorative table cloths, or a garland across the front of the table are some other ideas that would elevate this simple table setting for two.


Here is what I did to create this quick and easy party:

I searched online for the Minnie Mouse image I wanted – size, amount and colors of her bow – and printed them at home. I cut and glued them to toothpicks – Voila!

The dinnerware set was something we already had (my girls are minnie mouse fanatics) so I just incorporated it into our little fete. Here is a similar set

I ordered the white and pink hearts/stripes straws from a shop on etsy (Samantha from topper and twine). She’s from Ontario Canada and has made my party supplies for the past two years, so these were left overs from Mila’s Birthday. But you can find straws just like these at any Walmart, Michaels or Party City (any party related store). If you are looking for custom party decor, you can find her shop here.

My sweet loves love helping me (ahem, I use helping loosely) in the kitchen whether baking or cooking. And so while we did bake on Valentines Day for the fun of it, I did grab some pretty already made v-day treats for photo purposes, it does look a little more pulled together, doesn’t it? So whether you like to bake for your parties or buy your treats, a sweet table is a great place to start building your party around.

The pink and white tassel garland I made myself with pink and white tissue paper and white yarn. You can also buy these already made if time is a factor for you, any party supply store will have them made – or walmart. I found a tutorial online and did it myself as I love crafting, it’s my way of getting a little break from the kids and doing something fun yet constructive. If you have any questions or need help with how to make your own, leave me a comment or an email – I’ll be happy to help! I actually made this garland for Madison’s second birthday, but because it says nothing – I use it for just about any and everything!

My last personal touch was gifting my girls with a tiny little treat each in their goodie bag! I usually use clear celophane bags but decided to use these paper bags I had left over from thanksgiving and I thought it was a cute and simple little touch. They aren’t anything fancy, your basic paper bags from the dollar store, tied with a pink ribbon and a handmade name tag. You can also tie it with twine and use labels or print out any name or image from your computer to give it a little extra polish.

And with that, we had ourselves a lot of fun and far too much sugar! It was Sweet and simple. But I did make great memories with my funny valentines!


With Love,

Michelle and the minis xo


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