Making an Easter Basket

You may have noticed already that I love creating! It doesn’t matter what it is, any chance that I get to use my creativity and make something pretty, I’m all about it. From curating my instagram feed and this blog or creating party decor and decorating our home, I love getting lost in my thoughts and seeing my ideas come to life. And that is why I love holidays, a chance to host a family dinner or create fun crafts and desserts with my little birds make for the best memories. Other then Christmas, Easter is the best holiday. We get to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, and Spring is just around the corner (cute bunnies and lots of chocolate doesn’t hurt either!)

As a mom, nothing get’s my creative juices flowing more then creating something for my girls, and every holiday is an opportunity to do something fun for them and with them. Making easter baskets is something I started doing when I had just one little baby (who was too little to even know what an easter basket was or to eat chocolate) but I enjoyed doing it and it created what is now an easter tradition for me. Now that Madison is 3.5 and Mila is 19 months, they’re getting old enough to start to understand and appreciate these little surprises which makes it all the more fun for a cheesy little mom like myself. And while not everyone is into this idea, it’s ok – this post may not be for you, and that’s ok. But for anyone who is interetsed in putting together an easter basket for your own little birds, here’s some ideas that I have learned myself over the last couple of years. I hope you can take a little inspiration from my thoughts below.


Basket : pehr designs  /  Books : Fancy Nancy and Bunny Roo I love you
Plush bunny : jellycat and here.


Tip 1 – Keep the basket contents age-appropriate

This may be an obvious one, but I thought I would put it out there that the easter basket is for any little (or big) who you may want to surprise with an easter goodie. The first easter baskets I ever made was for (a still very little) Madison and my nephew who was still a baby. So I just got them things that they would be able to use. For my nephew, it was stage 1 cereal and a set of baby safe spoons, a little book, a bib and plush bunny all nestled in a blue wicker basket. He was just beginning solids but I didn’t want him to be left out. Inside Madison’s pink basket was a pack of egg-shaped chalk, (she was just discovering her chalk board) a coloring book and crayons, sparkly stickers and ultra washable handpaint (no plushies, she had too many!) She was just discovering crafts and it was the perfect gift for her as I knew she would love it and use it. Get them things they will be sure to use and love otherwise it’s just a waste of time and money. Easter baskets are meant to be cute and fun, so even if you’re gifting a little one with his or her first basket, go with something mom and baby can use. A bunny onsie and teether, perhaps!

Tip 2 – You don’t have to spend a lot of money

Easter baskets do not have to be elaborate or fancy. The last 2 years I have used the same pink wicker basket for Madison that I got from Walmart. This year I went with a canvas basket because I have use for it in the girls’ rooms after easter is over. But you can use any basket you want or have available, they only care what’s inside – and as long as they can play with it or eat it, they’re usually pretty pleased. And the contents don’t have to break the bank either, if you have a crafty kid on your hands; go with a playdough set, art kit, paint brush set, paint or a canvas. Maybe your little loves to build, then grab a few puzzles, or jenga, maybe mega bloks or legos. There are board games for all ages, and educational toys like this one which is perfect for easter. Last year I desperately wanted to avoid toys and plushes as the girls have more then enough (I know..I got them a bunny plush this year – guilty as charged!) so I went with cute pajamas and an item of clothing they both needed. Or keep it simple with chocolate and a cute pair of bunny socks and bunny ears! I love including a book or two in their holiday gifts, books never go out of style and they will be treasured for years to come.

Eggmazing Egg decorator

Hatchimals CollEggtibles  

Hatchimals 4pk

Bunny book ideas: 

Bunny Loves to Write

Wee Little Chick

Pat the Bunny 

Little Bunny  

32 Ways to dress a bunny 

Guess how much I love you 

The Tale of Peter Rabbit 


I used the pink swaddle to stuff the bottom of the basket to keep it looking full and to keep all the items from moving. You can also use tissue paper for a little extra color!

Tip 3 – It doesn’t always have to be chocolate!

My daughter Madison loves Chocolate and adores kinder eggs (I think more so for the toy inside) but she’s easy to please, and I don’t have any issues putting a little chocolate surprise in her basket or for our easter egg hunt. But while Mila is still young for sweets, any time she has tried them, she does not seem to care for them at all. But every little needs a treat on easter. There are a lot more alternatives then you may think, and some even organic for those of you who prefer it!

Papabubble is the sweetest artistically made candy that is as decortive as it is tasty! I discovered them a year ago and have been addicted ever since. (Canadian Link)

If you’re in the United States, here is the shop’s link.

Jelly Belly  has an awesome candy range of organic gummies and jelly beans! (U.S link)

If you’re in Canada you can use this link for Jelly Belly’s Organic fruit gummies and this link for their jelly beans (or the US link above.)

For my fellow Canadians (and any interested international readers xo) Be sure to check out Sweetsmith Co. for their Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Soy Free sweets made right here in Canada. (Alberta to be exact) You’re Welcome!

Torie and Howard All-Natural Candies – You have to read the company’s story and how they came to be!

My little Mila, who doesn’t care much for sweets is all about these crackers, and so this alternative is perfect for her or any other little who is not doing sweets yet or who enjoys a different kind of snack. (they even have chocolate flavored bunny grahams.) Yay! (Mila’s basket is not pictured but is pretty much the same!)


So to those making an Easter Basket this year, what did YOU put in yours? Got any idea’s for ME!? I’m excited to hear what I can try for next year.



With Love,

Michelle and the minis xo

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