Introducing peanuts to your littles with Hello, Peanut!

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 No matter what age your little bird is currently at, as moms, I think we can all agree that introducing new foods to your little one is a very scary new adventure for you, and for them. New tastes, textures and ingredients make for a new world of fears for us, and the biggest one being “will my baby have an allergic reaction?”

I don’t think there is a food that brings more worry then peanuts, whether whole or spread, peanuts have always been the biggest cause for concern when introducing to your infant. There has never really been any tip, trick or method in gradually or easily getting our littles to taste peanuts without worry, until now. Hello, Peanut! is a blend of USDA certified organic peanut powder and sprouted oat flakes that mixes easily into aany foods your infant already enjoys. This measured system is easy to use making it hassle-free for mom and is also

Allergists Developed

All Natural




USDA Organic

Dairy Free 

“A peanut allergy can severely impact your child’s life. According to the most recent data (October 2017), peanut allergy has increased 21% in the US since 2010.”

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When I was approached to try Hello, Peanut! I thought this system could be something special (kind of revolutionary?) and there is currently nothing else like it on the market. This could be so beneficial to mommies and their little peanuts! I had to try it, and help spread the word.

Well mama birds, the word is that I absolutely love the easiness of it. It doesn’t get anymore simple then this – you empty the marked packet (day 1 through 7) into babies meal and serve. 1 packet everyday for 7 days. If baby has had no reaction, then you use the maintence packages up to 3 times a week until completed, and baby should be ready for the real deal after that.

The mixture is sprouted oats and peanut powder and has no harsh or strong taste, I tried it myself, so it is easily mixed into any stage one cereal or meal. I even snuck some into Mila’s milk and she had no idea, she drank it up without hesitation.

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“Perhaps one of the most challenging decisions for parents of my generation is when and how to introduce foods that pose a potential for a significant allergic reaction,” FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, says in a statement. “Along with the information that you currently see on food labels, which disclose when a food contains peanuts or peanut residue, the new advice about the early introduction to peanuts and reduced risk of developing peanut allergy will soon be found on the labels of some foods containing ground peanuts that are suitable for infant consumption…This is the first time the FDA has recognized a qualified health claim to prevent a food allergy.”

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I personally waited to give peanut butter to Madison (even later then the recommended 3-6 months) for this exact reason, the fear and uncertainty of how she would react. But now it is recommended to slowly introduce peanuts to babies even sooner, somewhere between 0-6 months. But how are we suppose to safely and effectively offer peanuts or peanut butter to an infant, that was never made clear. But with Hello, peanut! we have an answer and an easy to follow regimen.

I highly recommend trying this system if your little one is 0-6 months and ready for solids. If your baby bird is already grown up and eating peanuts, lets spread the word to mommies everywhere  – there is finally an easier way of getting baby to try peanuts!

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Tell me how you all introduced your littles to peanuts. Are some of you currently in the solid phase? Will you be trying Hello, Peanut!?

With Love,

Michelle and the minis xo

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