With Love, Michelle

Allow me to re-introduce myself..

First off, thank you for finding your way here. I’m excited to introduce myself and my blog to some of you who have kindly chosen to join my journey recently. Secondly, I’m not planning on going on and on about myself, but more so about this blog and all I have learned in this past year as a blogger.

I celebrated MLW’s 1 year this past August, and while this adventure is still brand new to me, I’m excited for what’s to come this next year (and maybe many more.) As I have expressed before in past blogs, sharing my heart on this platform really was about me and “my little wildbirds,” Madison and Mila. A place to put all those thoughts and emotions that you begin to explore once you become a mom. It’s a constant ride of high and low emotions and worries, it just begins to spill out of you at all times and I needed somewhere to put all these thoughts. This blog started out as my safe haven to connect with others who are like minded and experiencing the same things I am as well as sharing what I’ve learned and what works in my household. And in all that constant mom soul searching I also feel like I got to find myself again…maybe even a better version.

It can be very lonely as a stay at home mom at times (maybe a mom in general). I’m constantly in my head wondering how I am going to get everything done while still being a hands on mom, attentive wife and squeezing in a little time for myself. It’s never balanced, everyday is different and sometimes things that were on my ‘to do’ just don’t get done. Maybe it’s just me, but life (and I’m) a work in progress. So with devoting time to creating content, learning photography, photo editing and constant planning this blog has slowly evolved.

Motherhood still has it’s ups and downs, balance is something I’m still tweaking but I feel like I’ve changed since I first started this little platform. And that is what my favorite part about the blog is….it changes, grows and morphs alongside you and your journey. Currently, Madison is 4.5 and in school, Mila is 2 and flourishing like I could only hope for, it’s a beautiful journey with lots still to learn. But as they are growing and changing, I began to realize that so am I. I no longer want to obsess over every little move I make in motherhood (which I still will….can’t help it.) I want to enjoy it, embrace the change and the place we are currently in; and begin to find myself again. Not just mama Michelle but the girl I was before my focus became solely my babies. A girl who has a love for all things creative and creating. Who adores style and styling and always loves shopping for new cosmetics. I love shopping on a budget, looking for new and natural skin care and wellness for myself and my family. I can’t wait to build a tribe of strong, hardworking, modern mothers and women who want to support each other and their goals. So as time has rolled on I realized it is ok to write about things I enjoy like fashion and home decorating. I feel like I get to reconnect with my old self but with all the experiences motherhood has given me, things can only get better, and I can only get better. Now that I have loved more then ever before, cared for others more then myself and put their happiness and needs over my own, I can use it all to better myself and the lives around me. And that is the heart and authenticity I will strive to put into this space – for myself, my littles and for all of you!

If this sounds like you, then please come and be apart of this ride, it’s a fun one, and always feel free to share your heart, experiences and opinions – they matter here!

SO tell me about you and your blog or social media. What is it about and what are your goals with it?

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With Love,

Michelle xo

2 thoughts on “With Love, Michelle

  1. Congratulations on starting a blog! I love the name 😂 thank you for sharing and introducing yourself. I too am a mom of a 4 y.o and 2 y.o! I found it hard to find myself again after being a mom of three, my blog helps me to find me again. I am excited to read more from you!

    1. oh thank you so much for your sweet words Alexis. It’s comments like this that make me feel like were not alone in this! Happy you enjoyed and and I hope you enjoy my blog! xx

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