National Geographic for Kids’ Weird But True! turns 10!

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Celebrated 10 Years in 2018!

If you follow my blog than you know how much the little birds and I love books! The weird but true book series from National Geographic Kids has been no different as it’s easy to read and follow – even for the littlest of readers! With 350 wacky and wild facts in each book about everything from animals and countries to sports and food, no topic is off limits! There are now 10 volumes to collect in the series and more than 25 Weird but true! products including a Christmas edition, which was fun to incorporate into our holiday reading this past Christmas!

With each page containing a new weird fact (and sometimes a few per page), it easily kept my little 4 year olds attention and peaked her interest with every page turn – not knowing what was coming up next. While some facts may go over their little heads, they don’t go over ours. And that was really the true joy of the book series, it’s not limited to a person, age group, reading level or interest. There is something for everyone without us even realizing we are all learning along the way. And learning along with our little ones is really the best thing of all. I asked Madison which book she wanted to start our story time with, she immediately chose Book #4 (thanks to the colourful parrot on the cover). She loved learning that “The average strawberry has 200 seeds” and that “There’s a mushroom named after sponge bob square pants”. As a big sponge bob fan, she was pretty excited about that one!

Canada is the first country to get it’s very own Weird but True! book. Did you know….”In 2016, Canada produced about 73 million kilograms (160 million lbs) of maple syrup – heavier than 10 Eiffel Towers”.

This was a great way to teach her about the Country we live in!
This page was all about the Poutine! Canada’s national dish. Can you tell she loves it!

One of my favourite things about reading the Weird but true! books with the girls is the conversation that it starts. Like when Madison asked me what the animal is called on page 92 in book 4. Or when she told me how much she loves flamingos, that started because of the picture on page 118 in book 10. Even my little 2 year old enjoys sitting with us and listening to us talk about the books, taking in the pictures and learning along the way. It’s not just about learning about the world around us but learning more about our littles and a chance to learn together!

Be sure to enter the Weird but True! Canada Contest : Kids 6-14 are invited to enter and submit their own verifiable weird facts about their hometown, province or country. Visit until March 1st, 2019.

Story time is always a wonderful way to connect with our littles one on one and take a break from the distractions all around us, including the iPad or tv. But watching alongside our kiddos is also another way to connect and have fun learning together. You can find Nat Geo kids on Youtube for all kinds of wacky videos including Weird But True! Wednesdays. You can listen to them on the radio airing Friday’s at 5pm on Sirius XM’s kids place live (channel 78 and on demand.) Or find them online for further information at

You can find the National Geographic Weird But True! Canada and other books available at  Chapters Indigo and wherever books are sold! Whether you choose to watch them on youtube or reading the books with your littles, I hope you are all able to enjoy the wacky fun that comes along with the Weird but true! series….as well as learning together!

Have a wild good time!

With Love,

Michelle and the minis xo

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