What’s in my Make-up Bag: Makeup Dupes

Whether your brand loyal, a major beauty saver or a big spender, at the end of the day we all want a product that works!

I love having some favourite drugstore products or brands – you never know when you’re going to need it. Some of the times I can’t make it to the big budget cosmetics stores or I’m looking to save a little more this month, that’s when high end make-up dupes come in. Believe me, they do exist! Drugstore brands have really elevated their products and are really giving legendary and established cosmetics a run for their money. With products at an all time high in price, you see more and more beauty queens turning to L’oreal, Maybelline, Covergirl, Revlon and now “it” brands N.Y.X and E.L.F.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t only use drugstore brands, but I do like to try everything. That’s how you find your faves – your arsenal. Years of trying different brands has brought me some great products along the way and now I have my go-to’s. I recently loaded up on some on-sale items at my closest shoppers drug mart (Canada’s answer to CVS) and couldn’t be more excited to share how much I’m loving them and how excited I am for my latest haul. I truly couldn’t believe how great they are for the price!! First up..


Maybelline Fit Me is a foundation that has come up to me time and time again and I just wasn’t in the market for a new one. I gladly used my Estee Lauder double wear day in and day out and was happy to pay the pretty little penny for it because it is certainly worth it. Smooth matte finish without being heavy or cakey. However, to say I wouldn’t mind (or need) to save every now and then wouldn’t exactly be accurate. Maybelline’s fit me is an unbelievable dupe with (in my opinion) a perfect matte finish, no cake or heavy feeling and you don’t need any concealer if you don’t want it. A little goes a very long way, you don’t need much at all!


Corresponding concealer Maybelline Fit Me is just enough coverage without being heavy. Think light to medium concealing. Perfect for my everyday wear (little under the eye or a blemish). If you’re looking for a more full coverage concealer, this isn’t it – it’s a similar consistency to the ever so popular Nars concealer. For nights out or if I need a more full coverage concealer (especially when my eyes are looking tired and dark) I just starting using Maybelline Master Conceal, and you guys – I’m really loving it! Again, it’s a tad heavier so I don’t go to it for school pick ups or grocery store runs but it is amazing for that flawless complexion and taking away my dark under eyes. Since having my minis, I have noticed how pronounced the darkness under my eyes have become after a long night and this concealer helps with that, so right now – it’s my new favourite. A little goes a long way. Side note : it does not have an applicator, you need a brush or sponge. The Fit me has an applicator.

Matte Lipgloss

I started using NYX Lip Lingerie this past summer and I fell in love. Goes on super smooth, not sticky and a lasting color. But what I really love is the consistency – it has a thick application that feels like a smooth lip gloss but looks like a lip stick. With that said, on this haul I recently picked up Maybelline Matte ink and this one is a total game changer! Feels like a lipgloss but the pop of color and true matte finish is gorgeous and stands out from a mile a way – I will also mention I still had a bit of lip stain the next day as it lasts allllll day/night long. I rarely had to touch up! So if you really want a true matte finish that lasts long go with the Matte ink. If you’re wanting a matte lipgloss, try the lip lingerie. Either way you go I don’t think you will be disappointed….and with the price tags on these you can’t be!

So loves, tell me…What your fave make-up dupe? What’s your favourite makeup splurge? Tell me what I should be trying next!

With Love,

Michelle xo

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