Easter Baskets 2019

Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on it way…

I love an excuse for putting together a gift basket, planning a party or making decor. It is truly a passion of mine and I love doing it. I am far from a professional of any kind – but I do it with a lot of love.

And so with Easter here, you know I have been planning out Easter baskets for a while now. Except this year, I really wanted to simplify and budget on what to include. The girls have been gifted with so much already, between their grandparents and family members – they are lucky girls! As I attempt to declutter and remove toys they no longer play with and clothes they no longer wear, I wanted to avoid more toys and more clutter! Right!?

So I avoided toys and big ticket items and kept it fun and easy this year, along with a bigger Easter egg hunt and a few basket goodies – Easter planning is complete.

So here is my affordable Easter Basket to inspire any mama’s out there !

Soft and plushy baskets are from Pottery Barn kids.

Big sis and Lil Sis Tees from Petite Poupees

Easter M+M’s, Jelly Beans and lollipops.


Lol doll

Colourful Bath dropz

Putty foam. Great for sensory play.

Unicorn sticker books.

Pack of stickers. The cutest little animal stickers I ever seen from the drugstore.

Hoppy Easter friends!

With Love,

Michelle and the minis xo

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