Flu Season : What the kids are taking.

Flu Season hit us real hard last month, but unfortunately, it’s reared it’s ugly head again! The kids got hit really bad before the Christmas Holidays, Mila had a terrible fever that just wouldn’t go away while Madison fought a cough and cold. But before we had to take it one step further and head to the emergency room with Mila and her high fever, our steady arsenal of medications and some homeopathic remedies came to our rescue and they are also what we have been using today. We started 2020 with another horrible flu and stomach bug roaming through our home, reeking havoc on the start of our new year.

It’s unfortunate that my first post of this new year (and decade) is all about fighting the flu, but the reality is that the cold temperatures are terrible to us and especially the kids.

I never really made a point to only use homeopathic medicine but I have been lucky enough to discover and grow to love some amazing homeopathic remedies that have been a tried and true go-to when we are fighting the flu. As of late, I was introduced to a new brand and product that was an amazing aid in our fight to rid our home of the flu, and that is why I knew I had to post about this. Feeding, sleeping and medication are always the hot topics amongst my mom friends because we are always in search of an answer, idea or remedy to help with what is affecting our little ones. While this last month an a half has been mentally and physically exhausting for our little family, I have found what has worked for us in getting back to good health and hope that it may give you guys an answer, idea or remedy in helping you or the kiddos fight the flu yourselves.

Cough and chest congestion is usually the easiest bug to catch. With Madison bringing home the school germs, we’re all exposed to it and it’s usually the first thing we catch; so I always have cough and congestion remedies on hand. I recently gave Hylands 4 kids syrup with Honey a try and the first thing I can tell you right off the bat is how amazing it tastes – exactly like a spoonful of honey. While my girls are very particular about what medicine they will take, this one was an easy sell for them because of the “cute bear” on the bottle and yummy taste that followed. It’s a homeopathic medicine used for coughs and chest congestion for kids 2-12, but to be honest I actually took some myself. It tasted great and worked even on my own cough, and while it is made for kids; it said right on the box for Kids over 12 and adults: 1-2 tsp every 4-6 hours. That was amazing to me as I am probably more stubborn with taking medicine than my kids, the strong taste usually always leaves me with a stomach ache and the thick texture makes it hard to actually want to take it again. (Kids, I feel your pain.) This one left no uncomfortable after taste and wasn’t a thick syrup making it hard to choke down – a parents dream. And since I have become homeopathic medicine obsessed, it checked that off the list for me too. If you are looking for a cough and cold medicine for baby 6 months to 1 year, Hylands also has a homeopathic medicine for them too, Baby all day syrup. If you’re anything like me and like knowing more about the story behind the brand, read more about them and the other products they offer right here.

Before giving Hylands a try, one of my go to’s has been Kids 0-9. Their effective homeopathic medicine for cough and cold has been a favourite of mine for several years now and it’s always what I go to when my girls are at the beginning stages of a cough or flu. It works as a great preventative in stopping that cough from getting any worse. The best part about kids 0-9 is that it is safe and mild enough for your newborn and your child alike. It only takes a small dose (1/2 tsp for kids under 6) which makes it easy to give. And while I don’t think ‘kids’ is strong enough to fight a fever, it is definitely a great all around ‘homeo’ remedy. Speaking of fevers, Mila’s fight with the fever gave us quite the scare.

It seemed to go down only to go back up the following day, so with that we had to use something a little stronger. Alternating Infant/childrens Tylenol and Advil (or Motrin) was the only thing that helped bring down her intense fever, if we hadn’t alternated between Tylenol and Advil every 4-6 hours, I am certain her fever would have continued and we would have ended up in the hospital. The reason I used both Advil and Tylenol to tackle her fever was because one of them on their own wasn’t cutting it, so before taking the measure of going to the hospital we wanted to be sure we treated her in every way we could. Infants Tylenol and Infants Advil or Motrin work differently to relieve fevers because they contain different active ingredients. Tylenol is a acetaminophen while Advil is an ibuprofen, taking turns with both allows both medicines to tackle the fever, and it seemed to be the only thing that worked. But there are other ways to help your little fight the fever and be as comfortable as possible. Here are a few ways to fight a fever without the doctor:

Keep clothing light and no blankets, but if a blanket is needed then opt for a thin sheet or try a muslin blanket which is very breathable and light. Fluids are so important since sickness makes us very dehydrated, if they don’t want water or orange juice, try Pedialyte which restores electrolytes and zinc lost. You can try ice chips, freezies or popsicles which a fun and tasty treat while also rehydrating them, especially because when we are sick we usually lose our appetite (but my kids will never say no to a popsicle). If you prefer a less-sugar alternative you can also try Pedialyte Freezer pops or you can always make your own with real fruit juice or smoothie pops! A cold cloth on the forehead and back of the neck is one of my favourite ways to cool down, but my little one isn’t always interested in letting me putting a cool cloth on her. So I was pretty excited to try these Be Kool cooling gel sheets. , their Mickey Mouse designs made it fun to wear. I actually had Mila ask to wear them, lol. If all else fails, you can always try a Luke warm bath to help cool their body temperature – but be careful to not make it too cold as it can cause hypothermia and of coarse you don’t want to make it too warm as it will only make their body temperature rise.

My sweet sick little angel wearing her Be Kool cooling gel pads.

My favourite preventative medicine that never fails me is Sambucol. As soon as I notice flu like symptoms with the kids, I get them to start taking Sambucol which helps shorten the cold and flu time. The girls always take it without hesitation as it tastes great. They also have chewable tablets that taste like candy (which Madison loves) when the girls refuse to take the syrup. My husband and I love it using it for ourselves too (but for adults!) When it comes to cold and congestion, my favourite thing to do has become soaking in the tub. It helps with the body aches and allowing myself the rest I need…even if it lasts 15 mins. (which it usually does) Sprinkle a little of this J.R Watkins relaxing lavender and eucalyptus, menthol blend (99.25% natural) in your tub for sinus relief and body relaxation. I have loved J.R Watkins products for a long time, but this soak is new to me and so far, I’m loving it. And never discount hot water and lemon, it’s the one thing I do for myself every night before bed. Lemon is a natural antioxidant.

That’s it. These are the magic ingredients that have been helping us all month long! Did I miss anything? Let me know below, and I hope you guys find something in here to help you or the kiddos get back to yourselves. There is nothing worse than a sick babe. Hang in there mamas.

This post is not sponsored or affiliated with the brands mentioned. The opinions expressed are my own based on my own experiences using the products.

With Love,

Michelle and the Minis xo

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  1. We just got over being sick too, two out of three kids had a upper respiratory infection and one out of the two turned into pneumonia which wasn’t great. I made a homemade vaporub with coconut oil and essential oils and it worked wonders clearing his nose out so he could breath! These are awesome products, hope the little’s feel better <3

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