Hey Boo! Our favourite Halloween Books

Halloween has always been one of my favourite days of the year – and with littles…that just makes it even more fun! It went from picking costumes for myself and finding the wildest party (pre-kids… lol) to buying the cutest spooky books and fun pj’s for my girls (nowa-days). But I love the time leading up to Halloween, the decorating, watching all the movies and sneaking Halloween candy from the stash…(hoping no one notices and that there is still enough to give out to the trick or treaters).

A tradition I started with the girls was adding cute books every year to our collection and buying matching jammies so they could wear all season long and this year is no different. While there are so many books I would love to buy all at once, most of the time it just isn’t realistic. Some books really are an “investment” and I plan to have it apart of our Halloween fun for years to come, so I spend a little more on one or two books. But there are also so many adorable and affordable kid friendly Halloween books. I rounded up some of our favourite Halloween story books – from all price points – some new and some tried and true. From toddler age to being loved by my now 6 year old. And while some books may be longer than others – it’s ok if you don’t keep their interest for the whole story, just look at it as something to continue the next year when they are a little older. I love that each year my girls enjoy books a little more and can sit to listen a little longer each time. Just makes for more memories each year!

Halloween Books we Love!

Gilbert the Ghost – There is a reason why this book is at the top of our list. My girls ADORE this sweet story about a ghost who doesn’t like to scare and spook. He is also super adorable and befriends a black cat.

Vampirina Ballerina

Ghosts in the House

B is for Boo – Perfect for early readers learning the alphabet

Bonaparte Falls apart – A new favourite with beautiful illustrations.

Oscar seeks a Friend – Another beautifully illustrated story about a skeleton seeking a friend. Madison particularly loves this story with a little girl who lost her first tooth – she just lost her first too!

Fancy Nancy – She’s a classic in our house!

The Little Kitten

You’re my little pumpkin pie -Sweet and not so spooky story for your little pumpkins

The Scariest Book ever

There are so many more but these are the ones we are loving now and seem to go back to time and time again. Hope you mama’s enjoy these suggestions. Tell me, what are your fave Halloween story books with your littles? Or maybe you have a different tradition?

Happy spooky reading lovely friends! xx

With Love,

Michelle and the minis xo

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